Kim Kardashian manages to #BreakTheInternet with her naked butt (PHOTOS)

Paper magazine said they gave their winter cover star, Kim Kardashian, one goal: to break the internet. And she definitely succeeds.

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The photos are Kim K like we’ve never seen her before. No, not naked; we’ve seen her naked plenty. But with a champagne glass carefully balanced on her derriere as she pops a bottle, which perfectly flows into the cup on her backside, we’re seeing curves in a whole new light of usefulness.

Photo credit: Instagram/Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

“Paper Magazine new cover alert!” Kardashian captioned the photo. “Such a (sic) honor to work with the legendary Jean-Paul Goude!!!! Shot this in Paris. Can’t wait for you to see the whole issue.”

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The second photo definitely has our eyes bugging. Naked and wearing only black gloves and pearls with her dress strategically held just below her behind, Kardashian coyly looks back at the camera. The side of her face is the only thing we see of the front, but we get a full picture of the back. And when we say full, well… just look at the photo and you’ll get it.

Photo credit: Instagram/Paper Magazine/Jean-Paul Goude

Though the photos were posted only an hour ago on Instagram by Kardashian, they have each already accrued over 500,000 likes.

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Kim Kardashian covers Paper Magazine
Photo credit:

You can buy the full issue of the magazine over on Paper magazine’s website.

Here’s the one question that remains: How much of this was Photoshopped? Because, seriously, we know Kardashian has a backside, but we really, really don’t ever remember seeing it quite like this.

Has the reality star just been upping her booty game? Or was there some clever editing here? Tell us your thoughts below.


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