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One Direction has something that Jamie Scott doesn’t want

Jamie Scott might not be a household name, but you probably already know of his work without even realizing it since he’s penned songs for some of your iPod favorites, including Enrique Iglesias and Christina Perri. It doesn’t stop there, either. He’s even worked on his share of collaborations with a little boy band you might have heard of called One Direction.

SheKnows sat down with the British singer to chat about songwriting for others, why he only wants half the amount of fame as his 1D tour mates and how his new album is basically the audio version of The Notebook.

“I like to think I write songs that anyone might like and anyone might hate,” the 30-year-old tells SheKnows. “I don’t think it’s specific to one demographic.” After taking a glance at the 38 credits on his website, it’s quite clear that his writing really does span more than just one demo and one genre. So, how is he able to assume the role as storyteller for so many different kinds of artists? For Scott, it’s simply about sharing his own point of view and hoping that it connects with others.

“I write things that have happened to me and the feelings that I have,” he says, before mentioning that his listeners usually give him their very own interpretations of the tracks.

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Scott, who also wrote a string of songs for the One Direction guys, including their hit, “Story of My Life,” says that he was originally happy assuming the role as introverted songwriter. But he eventually launched his own solo career after the consistent urge from his circle.

Fast-forward about 10 years later and the star has a number of accomplishments under his belt, including one solo album, multiple collaborative group projects and opening stadium sets on One Direction’s Where We Are tour. Even though Scott has been around the band since their origin, he says that he’s honestly only interested in about half of their fame. “What they have is quite incredible fame and I wouldn’t say that maybe anyone wants that ’cause they can’t go anywhere,” he explains of the band’s popularity.

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Aside from his 1D tour ventures, Scott is ready to embrace a new chapter in his career with his upcoming album, My Hurricane, dropping on Nov. 11. Scott says that the LP actually tells a story that most 20-something females likely already know. “Have you seen The Notebook?” he asks our very own Lauren Kelly, to which she laughs and responds, “Of course!”

“The whole thing about the album is kind of dealing with love and losing love and all the pros and cons,” he says. It’s obviously enough to grab any fans of the movie. Good thinking, Jamie! Even though his focus should be entirely on the project’s looming release date, it looks like he still can’t get enough of his songwriting grind, even if it isn’t solely for himself.

“I write a lot more songs than 12 every two years,” he says about the usual length of an album. “You need outlets and you need ways to get these songs out.”

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