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Chelsea Handler gets big finale sendoff (VIDEO)

As promised by Chelsea Handler on Instagram, the host got naked in the shower for her series finale of Chelsea Lately.

Ellen DeGeneres joined her, though she seemed to be avoiding the water at all costs, wearing a full outfit and an adorable shower cap.

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Turns out, DeGeneres wasn’t interested in getting clean. In fact, she was there to confront Handler about never being invited to be a guest on the show.

“Is it because I’m a lesbian?” an offended DeGeneres asks a completely naked Handler.

“I thought you were married to Ryan Seacrest,” Handler responds, pretending she had no idea DeGeneres is gay. She then proceeds to claim she is an out and proud lesbian herself. “I live with a lesbian, actually. A confirmed lesbian. We have two dogs.”

Chelsea Handler

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DeGeneres isn’t buying it, even when Handler bounces around in circles to prove she’s completely comfortable being naked in the shower with a lesbian.

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“Why are you lying in a shower with a camera crew here?” DeGeneres asks, appalled. The host doesn’t even seem to realize Handler is naked.

“First of all, why do you think I’m lying to you?” Handler asks, defensive.

“Because your nipples won’t make eye contact with me,” DeGeneres responds, in simply the best line of the skit.

At the very end, a special naked guest arrives and is the icing on the cake of this scene. Watch below to find out who else ends up naked in the shower with Handler. (Hint: It’s someone else from Chelsea Lately.)

Also in the finale episode, Handler got what is probably the biggest celebrity sendoff of all time as a crowd of famous guests showed up onstage to sing an epic goodbye to her.

Gwen Stefani opened the song, which was set to the tune of “We Are the World.” Stefani took to the stage, pronouncing Handler’s name as, “Chelsea Hammer,” making light of her Emmys flub on Monday in which she mispronounced Stephen Colbert‘s name.

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Celebrities who joined in on the song included Vanessa Hudgens, Avril Lavigne, Tim Gunn, Gerard Butler, Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Faris, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and dozens more.

The lyrics included such creative lines as, “So roll yourself a joint and have a drink,” and, “Goodbye E!, it’s time to move on. She wants to sing, she wants to dance, and get her groove on.”

Handler herself even takes the mic for a solo and, though it’s more like nails on a chalkboard than the crooning melodies of her famous counterparts, it’s all fun.

Handler’s talk-show days are far from over. The host is heading over to Netflix for a new talk show, which is slated to air in 2016.

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