INTERVIEW: Teen Wolf‘s Arden Cho promises “really intense” next few weeks

Looking stunning on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, actress Arden Cho snapped a few selfies before giving us the latest scoop on Teen Wolf‘s dramatic fourth season.

Cho, who plays Kira Yukimura on Teen Wolf, arrived at the VMAs with her co-stars Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry and Holland Roden before breaking from the pack to chat us up.

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And much like her character on the show, Cho looked like a total fox. Decked out in a Sherri Hill dress, Aldo shoes and Bavna jewels and carrying a Farbod Barsum clutch, the good-natured actress gamely played along with a few fun red carpet challenges before delving into our interview.

We asked her to snap a series of selfies, and she didn’t hesitate. We asked her to flaunt her fabulous nails, and she showed those dazzling digits off.

Then, we threw her a bit of a curveball. Could she, we wondered, interpret a song lyric for us? Getting the go-ahead, we tossed a particularly intriguing line from Lorde’s “Royals” at Cho.

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“‘Every song’s like gold teeth?’ I don’t know! I’ve never really thought about it,” she laughed. “Gosh, like gold teeth…. Um, yeah, I think it’s, like, that extra bling. Just showing off your bling, your gold teeth — what’s that called? Your grill! Showing off your grill, all the money you’ve got.”

Naturally, though, we wanted to pick Cho’s brain about much more than Lorde’s lyrics. What we really wanted to hear from her was what’s yet to come on this already exciting and suspenseful fourth season of her hit MTV series Teen Wolf.

“Well, that’s what airing right now!” she said of the show’s 10th episode this season.

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“It’s really intense. There’s a lot of fighting going on because we’re trying to save our lives, and Kira’s back. She has kind of a cool entrance tonight, so I hope people like it,” Cho hinted. “Now that we know who the benefactor is, it’s going down. It’s happening, and it’s gonna get really intense the next few weeks.”

Yikes! Sounds like we’ll really be able to sink our teeth into the rest of the season.


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