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EXCLUSIVE: Once Upon a Time clip reveals secrets behind Ariel

Want to know more about the story behind Ariel in Once Upon a Time Season 3? Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip.

In OUAT‘s third season, the people of Storybrooke were taken on multiple journeys and introduced to a new bunch of characters — some of them good and some of them downright wicked.

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One of the new people to visit Storybrooke was Ariel, a woman who was quite literally a fish out of water. Her story had its ups and downs, but one thing was sure when all was said and done: Ariel wasn’t afraid to fight for who or what she believed in.

In our exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the Once Upon a Time Season 3 DVD, the cast and creators of the hit ABC series discuss Ariel’s tale. It also gives fans a look behind the lens of the camera to see how certain scenes were shot and it may surprise you to discover when and where green screens were used.

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In the clip, OUAT cocreators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talk about who Ariel is and what it was like bringing her story to the small screen.

Horowitz described the fun of “taking a literal fish-out-water character experiencing our world for the first time and all the humor and fun that comes with that” while “marrying that with someone who can be a hero, someone who is tougher than they appear at first.”

Kitsis talked about one scene that really showed how tough Ariel was. “Inside, there’s a feistiness to Ariel,” he said. “You know she’s sweet, you know she’ll make the right decision, but when she wanted to go find that prince, she took Hook down, but hard.”

JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who plays Ariel on the show, discussed what made the character tick and why she admired her.

“Her strengths and weaknesses are sort of one and the same,” Swisher revealed. “I mean, she’s very trusting and optimistic, which tends to get her into a lot of trouble, but I think it lends itself to dreaming big and having faith and all of the possibilities, and I think that’s what I love most about Ariel.”

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If you’re excited about all the news coming out about the next season and the upcoming Frozen storyline, be sure to pick up Once Upon a Time Season 3 on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, Aug. 19.

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