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Martin Lawrence confirms Bad Boys 3 on Conan (VIDEO)

It’s happening! For fans of the Bad Boys franchise, a third film will be on its way to theaters at some point in the future.

Martin Lawrence appeared on Conan on Wednesday and he confirmed the rumor that Bad Boys 3 will indeed be a reality.

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He said to Conan O’Brien, “I believe so. Yes. I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer. He said it’s real, they’re working on a script, they’re close and it all looks good.”

Now, the real question is if his on-screen partner-in-crime, Will Smith, will return. Lawrence played Detective Marcus Burnett and Smith played Detective Mike Lowrey in the 1995 film and its 2003 sequel. The original film was the directorial debut of powerhouse filmmaker, Michael Bay.

Lawrence must have known there was a script in the works, because he teased a sequel in mid-July to his fans on Twitter.

The star is ripped and ready to tackle the next movie and he’s doing it the healthy way. He told the late-night host, “I’m just working out, exercising every now and then… and just eating right.”

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That certainly is a dramatic switch from his 1999 jogging incident when he slipped into a coma for three days after exercising in excessive heat under layers of clothing.

Lawrence advised, “Oh no, I don’t do that no more, I did that and I went into a coma and passed out so please, I recommend, ‘Do not run in a plastic suit.’ Do not do that.”

The actor is currently starring with Kelsey Grammer in Partners, a new sitcom on FX, about two lawyers who form an unlikely friendship. The series debuted on Aug. 4. and if it is successful during its 10-episode season, the network will order an additional 90 episodes.

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