La Toya Jackson dishes on how nerves nearly ruined her wedding

Season 1 of Life With La Toya may be coming to a close, but the first of the two-part season finale this week is kicking off with a new beginning in the form of La Toya Jackson and Jeffré Phillip’s engagement party.

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“We’re getting everything together,” Jackson explains about the upcoming episode. “We’re building everything outside, we decide to take the party outside. I want it to be bigger and better and more lights and more flowers and all these beautiful things but, at the same time, I get a little bit nervous because Jeffré and I start rehearsing our speech and what we’re going to announce and how we’re going to tell people. As we’re rehearsing, I start feeling a little strange and a little funny.”

Jackson explains that she turns to her friend Teresa for help with her sudden bout of cold feet. Her friend dutifully tries to talk her out of it.

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“Once we get out there, we get together. We start talking to the people, you’ll see what happens,” Jackson teases. “You will hear parts of the speech but for some off reason, which you will see, Jeffré forgets his entire speech and it throws everything off!”

Jackson continues, “And he was truly, truly nervous. But I think he was feeding off my energy as well.”

Life Lessons With La Toya: The gift of giving

Aside from the engagement party and all the pre-wedding emotions that ensue, Jackson says, “What you don’t see on this episode is that I paint a picture for my father. And the reason I do it is because he did the most wonderful thing for me. He painted a picture for me. And I still have it hanging up. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I adore it. I keep it close to me. So, in return, I paint a picture for him, and I give it to him. I wanted to return the graciousness.”

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“When my father received the painting that I did for him he was so elated, so happy,” Jackson tells us. “He kept looking at it and staring at it.”

“I think when you give it makes you feel good inside, so I enjoy making people happy and making them feel good,” Jackson explains. “And it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world. Give anything. It just feels so great. You feel good inside.”

The beginning of the two-part season finale of Life With La Toya airs next Saturday at 10/9c on The Oprah Winfrey Network.

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