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Outlander spoilers: Sopranos-like story lines and Scottish mafias are ahead (VIDEO)

How do we put this maturely? We are so freaking excited for Outlander that we may or may not have re-read all the books, attended the premiere and nearly cried when it ended. That’s normal, right? So, you can imagine our excitement when some of the cast dropped by SheKnows HQ to chat about the show. If you haven’t read the books, but are still eagerly awaiting the kilted show, we even got a few spoilers.

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It’s hard to love Laoghaire

Outlander readers know Laoghaire (pronounced “leery”) is really hard to love. She’s a little, well, loose and has an attitude that can turn on a dime. The actress who took on the role, Nell Hudson, explained readers’ relationship with the character and even admitted she enjoyed the role.

“It’s weird, because I already know a lot of people hate my character already. Nobody hates me, but everybody hates Laoghaire. So, that’s kinda weird,” said Hudson. Later, she said the role came with perks, though. “It’s a fun thing to be, though, a bit of a floozy. What is nice about my character is… that she’s got this nice bit shift [or] change that happens with her when things are going well, she’s sweet. And then when things don’t go her way, you know, she’s pretty tough. Which is so fun to play.”

Claire’s heart will share two loves

If you haven’t read the books, you may not know exactly what you’re in for. When we first meet Claire, she’ll be married to a smart, good-looking, but somewhat-distracted, professor. After attending a druid-ish ceremony, Claire suddenly finds herself in an entire new time. While there, a handsome Scottish soldier will give her some much-needed attention. As the story progresses, will it be possible for Claire to love both men? Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie, has a sweet way of looking at it.

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“I suppose I can only relate it to: I have two children,” McTavish began. “When you have one child and you feel the love you feel for that child and you can’t imagine being able to feel that love for anyone else. And then when you have a second one, you realize it just opens that much bigger and you do have just as much love for the second one as you do for the first. So, if that’s some kind of an answer, that’s the only way I can relate to it.”

Some of the drama will remind you of The Sopranos

What? The Sopranos?

“There are Sopranos elements to the story,” said McTavish. “Especially in relation to Dougal MacKenzie and Colum MacKenzie. You wanna watch yourself around them. They’re constantly scheming and manipulating. They have their own agendas and sometimes those agendas do not coincide. So, my relationship with my brother is prickly to say the least. Dougal has his personal interests, like, for the clan, but he has a bigger interest for the country. That’s his main, main goal, wanting to restore the Stuart throne.”

Is McTavish suggesting there was a mob mentality to outlanders? That’s exactly what the actor thinks.

“The clan system was really just an economy based on theft. Cattle and that sort of thing…” McTavish expanded. “So, yeah, a mafia did exist.”

It’s more than just a love story, it’s travel porn

Even if you’ve never been to the Scottish Highlands, you may have some idea of how gorgeous it is. Lotte Verbeek shared with us that the scenery throughout the show is gorgeous. Expect to not only want to find yourself a Highlander, but to also want to pack your bags and move back to your Scottish homelands.

“Scotland is such a lead character in it,” Verbeek shared. “It’s such a stunning country and the way we photographed it is just doing it so justice. If you wanna discover Scotland and that magic — because it really is magic — you can only just go there and discover it yourself. Or watch Outlander.”

“All of Outlander is pretty much a promotional video for Scotland. That’s why we’ve done it,” Hudson added.

“It’s a 16-hour advertisement. It’s amazing,” said McTavish

What about kilts and weaponry? Watch the video to see more from our interview, including finding out how the cast feels about kilts, their reasoning for why the Scots decided to wear skirts to battle and McTavish’s favorite part of the show.

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