Sharknado 2 blows original Sharknado out of the water with 3.9 million viewers

The feeding frenzy has arrived. Sharknado 2: The Second One took over television screens and now it’s taking over your Twitter.

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The sequel to the Syfy film Sharknado premiered July 30 with 3.9 million total viewers, making it the channel’s most-watched original movie ever.

Not only did Sharknado 2 take over your television, it took over Twitter as well. Syfy has announced that the film has successfully made one billion — that’s right, billion — estimated impressions for Sharknado Twitter conversations.

In a press release from Syfy, the channel said that at one point, Sharknado 2 held “all top 10 trending topics in the U.S. There were more mentions of Sharknado on Twitter than #MileyCyrus on the day MTV’s 2013 VMAs, #kimye on Kim and Kanye’s wedding day and #transformers4, #thelegomovie, #godzillamovie and #22jumpstreet on each movie’s worldwide premiere day.”

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The channel is calling the film the most social movie ever on TV. In fact, it was more social than The Bachelorette, Survivor or — gasp — even Game of Thrones.

Shaknado 2 premieres and causes Twitter frenzy
Photo credit: Syfy

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Sharknado 2: The Second One picks up where the last film left off. This time, in New York, a freak weather system turns deadly, unleashing a sharknado on the Big Apple. It’s up to Fin (Ian Ziering) and April (Tara Reid) to save the city and its most cherished, iconic sites.

Ziering is already confirming that Sharknado 3 is a go. The actor told Fox News he expects Syfy to turn the series into a summer event. “As long as fans continue to want it… Syfy will continue to bring it,” Ziering said. Well, the fans have clearly spoken. Especially on Twitter.

Don’t worry if you missed the premiere. Syfy will air the film again (probably multiple times). You can watch it next Saturday, Aug. 2 at 7/6c on Syfy.

Did you contribute to the Sharknado 2 frenzy on Twitter?


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