Is La Toya Jackson’s new mother-in-law a monster-in-law?

Bringing two sets of parents together is always a balancing act, and it’s always nerve-wracking — even for La Toya Jackson.

Jackson gave SheKnows a sneak peek at this week’s episode, where she and her fiancé Jeffré have decided to have their parents over for dinner, and the subsequent jitters that arose.

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“I’m so nervous about the entire thing because I think our parents are just the antithesis of each other, which makes it quite difficult,” she spilled, a worry that we’re sure many newly engaged people can relate to. “My mother’s quiet, Jeffré’s mother is very loquacious.”

Her nervousness just increased when Jeffré’s mother decided that she’d plan to stay for a few days and Jeffré ran out to do some shopping to pick up a few things to keep his mom happy.

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“I don’t want to spend this one-on-one time with his mother because… I just felt uncomfortable, let’s just put it that way,” Jackson said with a smile, then added “Although I think she’s a really nice and sweet lady!”

The whole event was made even more difficult by Jackson’s inability to help the chef get started preparing for their dinner on time. “I’m not used to opening doors a lot, so I couldn’t even get the doors open to the house to let the chef in so he can start preparing the dinner for my parents and Jeffré’s parents!” she told us.

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To top it all off, the dinner is set for a night when a rumor about La Toya and Jeffré leaks onto the internet. Their wedding is still a while off, but Jeffré discovers that someone on the chef’s staff has misinformed an outlet that they’re already married.

There’s nothing La Toya dislikes more than a rumor, and in this week’s Life Lessons With La Toya, she shares her reasons for shooting Life With La Toya in the first place. Here’s a hint — it’s all about telling her side of the story.

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