The Bachelorette review: The engagement takes a backseat

The Bachelorette finale means a good hour of watching Andi canoodle and a few minutes at the end where we get to the good stuff. Thank goodness for DVR these days.

OK, so we watched it all despite the fluff. We can’t help it. The show knows how to rope you in every time. It’s called a “guilty pleasure” for a reason.

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And, of course, Josh and Nick got to meet Andi’s family tonight, which was fantastically hilarious for one big reason: Andi’s dad, who is overprotective and means business. We could almost hear MAGIC!’s “Rude” playing in the background as the boys groveled for his approval. Except, he did say “yes.” To both. Sort of. Dad said he trusted Andi and if she said yes, then he was happy. Close enough.

WARNING: Spoilers below. Do not continue reading unless you want to know which guy Andi chose on tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette.

And, of course, Andi did make her decision.

In fact, she made it early. She sent Nick home before the final rose ceremony, and his heartbreak is more newsworthy than Andi’s engagement to Josh because Nick isn’t over it. And he’s still trying to win Andi back.

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Side note: During Andi and Nick’s final date, Nick is letting his nerves get to him and you’ll never guess what Andi tells him. She says everything will be OK. And then she breaks up with him the next morning. Maybe she and Juan Pablo were more alike than we thought. She might as well have said, “Ees OK.”

Andi accepts a proposal on The Bachelorette finale
Photo credit: ABC

I think I say it every week, but here we go again: I like Nick. I think he really means what he says about Andi, and I feel for the poor guy. If it weren’t for Reality Steve, I would have expected Andi to pick Nick up until the end. They really seemed to have a strong connection. Instead, she sends him home and then refuses to see him when he makes attempts to talk to her after the final rose.

Thank goodness for The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose when the two are oh-so-awkwardly forced back together.

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After the final rose

Nick definitely takes center stage in the last part of the evening. He’s shaking as he begins talking to Andi and spills his heart out. She turns around and, admittedly harshly, explains that while she had a great relationship with Nick, he just couldn’t compete with a greater love. Ouch. But Nick probably needed to hear it.

Nick retaliates with his comment that he’s not sure why she made love with him if she wasn’t in love with him. It offends Andi because she thinks that information should have been private. We feel bad for both of them it’s so uncomfortable. And that’s basically where it ends for these two. Nick can’t even look Andi in the eye.

Second side note: We love Andi’s dress tonight. I’m a sucker for lace and this one just screams elegance. OK, back to the emotion.

Finally, we get to the happiness of the evening, and Andi and Josh are so sappily in love and adorable it’s kind of disgusting. And we can clearly see they make each other happy. But gag. But awe. The cupid that is ABC strikes again.

Do you think Andi and Josh will make it last?


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