VIDEO REVIEW: Pharrell’s “Come Get It Bae” has one huge flaw

One thing Pharrell wants you to take away from his new video “Come Get It Bae” is that he loves his ladies regardless of age, but there’s one thing missing in his visual.

In the three-and-a-half minute clip, which dropped on Wednesday, July 23, Skateboard P sits in his director’s chair, acts a fashion photographer, shoots a number of female dancers of all different colors and races in a studio with one killer city view. Despite an introductory message that reads, “Beauty has no expiration date,” it looks like Williams failed to cast any ladies that are older than 30. Shame on you, Pharrell. Split screens flash mid-video as his girls wiggle, shake and groove to the same dance routine, proving that girls of all color look good dancing for Pharrell. And before you ask, he indeed is wearing a hat significantly smaller than his famed Arby’s hat.

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Pharrell debuts new video for his song "Come Get It Bae"
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As the video nears the bridge of the song, there’s one familiar face left to dance it out and that’s Miley Cyrus. Sitting on a couch in a crop top and varsity jacket, the pop star pours herself a cup of sugar and later appears goofing off with the R&B extraordinaire. It’s her usual affair with her tongue sticking out and exposed midriff, and reminds us of her over-the-top onstage antics.

“Come Get It Bae” is Pharrell’s latest single off his album G I R L, which was released back in March. He performed a special mash-up of the song with Missy Elliot at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

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