Here: Have a Sharknado 2 drinking game! Because sharks

When SyFy first announced Sharknado, we couldn’t help but scoff. Little did we know, they were clearly on to something. As it turns out, nothing is more entertaining than mixing your beach vacation fears (sharks) with your everyday Midwestern fears (tornadoes). Together they make for one ridiculously terrifying premise and one seriously absurd movie. With such a massive success, it only made sense that the network would make a sequel. And if you’re going to watch Sharknado 2, you might as well get wasted, right? Our drinking game will get you so blitzed, your body will give Jaws a hangover. True story.

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Sharknado 2 is upon us and we cannot wait. Aside from the fact that we just really want more absurdity and a lesson in land shark defense, we’re also looking forward to the actors. Ian Ziering is returning, as well as Tara Reid. But we’re also stoked for appearances from Mark McGrath, Vivica A. Fox, Perez Hilton, Judd Hirsch, Andy Dick, Kelly Osbourne, Matt Lauer and, uh, Billy Ray Cyrus. We can’t even swallow how excited we are for all that possibility of bad acting. Will Fin Shepard survive another round of the most ridiculous natural disaster ever? We’ll find out on July 30.

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As you celebrate the insanity, we think you’re going to need a drink. Sure, you could just throw back some beers randomly as you live the first shark storm and then witness the second. However, we think it’s way more fun if you play our drinking game.

Sharknado drinking game

Ready for the bloody fun? Whip up some Bloody Marys for four and get ready to feast.

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