INTERVIEW: Leah Remini’s on a journey of self-discovery, “I have serious issues

The queen of King of Queens is back on television and this time it’s reality. Leah Remini has returned to TV with a brand-new reality TV show all about her life. It’s All Relative is a charming and funny look inside Remini’s life as a mom, daughter, wife and, you know, ex-Scientologist. After catching the first two episodes, SheKnows had some questions for the gorgeous comedian and, as always, she was gracious enough to respond.

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First and foremost, we fell in love with Remini’s relationship with her (super-handsome) husband, Angelo. They get along so well. In the first two episodes, they’re constantly making bets on who’s right or wrong and gently teasing each other. Their relationship seems tough, especially after all they’ve been through with the church of Scientology. We wondered, “Do they ever fight?”

“Of course,” Remini shared. “You will see us fight! We are a real married couple! We fight and we make up. That’s what happens in any real relationship. But at the end of the day, you apologize and you get over yourselves.”

Getting over yourself is a lesson we could all stand to learn and one Remini hinted at, again, when we asked her about another moment in the series premiere. While planning a party for the friends who stuck it out with Remini during all the Scientology drama, she mentioned having anxiety while party planning. We wondered if that was just party-related or if anxiety was something she struggles with regularly.

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“I am finding that I have serious issues,” Remini teased. “Look, we are all on a path (or should be) to be the best version of ourselves. I am learning things about myself every day. It’s not all pretty but the first step would be to look at yourself and say, ‘You got issues, lady.’ What I thought at 30 is very different from what I think now. I thought I had all the answers, but now I realize I don’t know a whole lot — but I’m learning to be open to new ideas. We get used to thinking and doing things a certain way even if it doesn’t have great results and one day you just wake up and say, ‘I can just change that thought and change my actions.'”

Leah Remini - It's All Relative

While Remini has most recently been known for her very vocal departure from the Church of Scientology, there’s a lot more to the actress than her past. Between her adorable rapport with her husband and her hysterical chats with her mom, It’s All Relative shines light on the bigger picture. Remini may have been hurt when her church friends shunned her, but other friends and her close family stepped in and supported her in her decision. And while that’s been a huge chunk of her life recently, that’s not all she wants to be remembered for. During the second episode of It’s All Relative, Remini’s mother decided she wanted a living wake so she could see what her family would say about her at her funeral. We asked Remini what she hoped people would say about her. In particular, we wanted to know what kind of legacy she hoped she’d leave behind for her daughter.

“I wasn’t perfect, but at the end of the day, I tried,” Remini said. “I believed in myself to go after what I wanted. That although I may have failed in what I said and in my actions, my intentions were never to hurt anyone. That I was a good family member and a good friend.”

We like that logic and just like the show title, it proves once and for all that, in life, it really is all relative.

It’s All Relative airs on TLC on Thurdays at 10/9c.

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