La Toya Jackson gets brutally honest on what it’s like moving in with her fiancé

To gear up for the next episode of Life with La Toya, La Toya Jackson gave us the inside track on how it all went down. From finding the perfect wedding dress, to the “joys” of moving in with her fiancé, Jackson shared all the deets.

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“On this episode, you will actually see me go in to try on a wedding dress that I think I just might like a little bit or am I just doing it to please everybody else?” Jackson explains, reminding us that she has a tendency for getting talked into doing things she doesn’t necessarily want. “But my friend, Brenda, for some odd reason, goes around and finds this dress that’s A-line. And guess what: I love it!”

Jackson and Jeffré Phillips haven’t married yet, but after spending so many years together as best friends and business partners, they decide to go ahead and move in together. After doing her own thing for so long, though, Jackson shared with SheKnows that she actually had a hard time adjusting to life with another person in her home.

“You will also see Jeffré and I decide to move in together [and] it’s not that easy!” Jackson admitted. “Being best friends and being business partners, that’s wonderful. But once you move in together, it’s quite different.”

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What exactly was the problem? It turns out Jackson’s honey, Jeffré, is a bit of a slob! Meanwhile, Jackson prefers things more orderly.

“And I’m very particular. I like everything in its place, I like everything clean and I don’t like anything out of order,” Jackson explained. “But Jeffré’s a little bit different than me when it comes to that. His clothes are just everywhere. They’re all over the floor and everywhere. And it’s kind of disturbing. Not to mention, I’m already nervous and antsy about moving in with him to begin with.”

That could get real old, real quick. But, no one is perfect, right? We’re sure Jackson does things that annoy Jeffré, too, right?

“I’m trying to think what Jeffré didn’t like about me and my lifestyle and the way I do things,” Jackson said. “But, you know what? He likes everything about me. Now that’s called love.”

We always knew Jackson was perfect; now Jeffré knows it, too. To find out how she curbs Jeffré’s messiness, watch the life lesson in our vlog at the top of the page. And for more of a sneak peek into the newest episode of Life with La Toya, check out the video below.

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