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Is it a food or sex position? Sex Tape cast plays our game

Our own Elise Upperman came up with a fun little game to play with the cast of the movie. Trust us, some of these terms will blow your mind (and your stomach).

The first mysterious term Elise threw out to Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz and Ellie Kemper was “toad in the hole.”

All three Sex Tape stars correctly guessed food. For those of you who don’t know the savory British dish, it consists of sausage in Yorkshire pudding batter.

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The second term to decipher was “Viennese oyster.” Diaz quickly answered sex position, as she seemed to know that Vienna is landlocked and not known for its oysters. We won’t go into detail as to what this position entails — we’ll just say it requires a lot of flexibility.

Next up was the term “passion pretzel.” While both Diaz and Segel answered correctly, Kemper insisted it was a food. Sounds yummy to us, too, Ellie.

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More confusing was the term “the good spread.” While Diaz guessed it was “a sex position along the lines of missionary,” Jason Segel had another idea.

“When I was in Greece, I learned about the Mediterranean spread,” he quipped.

Though we don’t know anything about the Mediterranean spread, the good spread involves the lady on top with her legs out.

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The one term that didn’t sound like a good food or sex position was “the limping Susan.” All three actors correctly guessed food. Apparently, it’s a Southern dish made up of okra, rice and bacon.

The most baffling of the terms was “the priest choker.”

“Whoa, that is obviously a sex position,” said a startled Diaz, who was shocked to find out she was wrong. The priest choker, or strozzapreti, is a type of hand-rolled pasta that looks like an elongated dumpling. Legend has it that gluttonous priests would eat this pasta so fast they’d choke on it.

Another head-scratcher was the term “Swiss ball blitz.” Diaz guessed food, but nope, it’s a sex position involving bouncing on an exercise ball. We think this move is an excellent way to burn some extra calories.

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Not so puzzling was the term “the Big Turk.” Jason correctly guessed food. If you want a bite of your own Big Turk, however, you’ll need to travel to Canada because it’s a chocolate bar manufactured by Nestlé Canada and not available in the U.S.

The last term was a bit of a trick question. While all the actors knew “the flaming Cheeto” was a real food, they were all shocked to discover it’s also a sex term. Though the sex act doesn’t involve a crunchy snack, it does involve hot sauce. That’s all we’re going to say about that one.

Sex Tape opens in theaters today.

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