EXCLUSIVE: Will Gordon get the ax on Halt and Catch Fire?

Joe and Gordon are at odds in our exclusive clip from the July 13 episode of Halt and Catch Fire, titled “Giant.”

So far on this season of AMC’s new series, Gordon (Scoot McNairy) hasn’t always been a great guy — at least when it comes to his personal life. Let’s be honest, he’s kind of a lousy husband and a so-so dad. But when it comes to his job, he knows what he’s doing and he’s not afraid to say it.

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In our exclusive clip, Joe (Lee Pace) and Gordon go at it during a meeting discussing the latest program for Cardiff. It sounds like Joe is keeping everyone on their toes by making more changes to the design and Gordon is not happy about it. He’s barely keeping up with the workload he has and now Joe is suggesting a change that will take hundreds of hours to implement. Can you blame him for getting upset?

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Gordon’s anger only gets worse when he finds out what Joe has decided to call their program: “The Contrail.” Joe seems to think that the name denotes a certain amount of power, like they will be leaving all of their competitors in the dust. While Gordon thinks the name denotes that they are nothing but the dust that floats behind a powerful aircraft. The name is the final straw and Gordon leaves the meeting in a huff after claiming that Joe’s attempts to put form before function are going to leave everyone in the industry laughing at them.

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Has Gordon gone too far? Even if he had some good points, should he really be talking to Joe like that? We’ll have to wait and see if his outburst will earn him some respect or if he’s about to make a huge mistake for his career.

Be sure to check out the next episode of Halt and Catch Fire to find out what happens.


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