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INTERVIEW: Why is Kelly Osbourne freaking out about her new role?

SheKnows recently chatted up the lovely Kelly Osbourne about her new role on The Disney Channel’s The 7D. We found out the usually super chill girl is actually pretty nervous for fans and critics to see her work. It turns out this animated role is a dream come true for Osbourne, and she wanted to nail it.

“I got cast almost a full two years ago,” Osbourne shared. “And it’s now the first time I’m ever seeing a full episode. So, I’ve been, ‘Oh, God! What if I’m bad? What if it sounds awful?’ because I’ve never done voiceover work before.”

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Not only had Osbourne never done voiceover work before, but she didn’t even know it was a possibility. As it turns out, she was pretty shocked to get the call.

“I didn’t even know I had a voiceover agent,” Osbourne admitted. “But apparently I did, and they said, ‘Do you want to go in and do this audition for Disney?’ And I was like, ‘Me? Disney? Sure! OK!'”

Osbourne shared her audition process with us, and it sounded rather intimidating. Not only did she walk into the booth as a newbie, but she also knew next to nothing about her character on the show. Luckily, she pulled it off.

“So, I went in, and it was so scary,” confided Osbourne. “And the only character description I had was — she was a witch and that the age demographic they were trying to reach was 2 to 11 years old. And that she has a little bit of a punk rock attitude. But I saw the lines, and it didn’t quite make sense. I read the lines once and then a voice came out and they go, ‘OK. You got the job.’ And then the lights came on and I saw there had to be like 20 people in the room.”

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We can’t imagine an instance where Osbourne would ever need to worry about failing at something. As a talented and charming host of Fashion Police and the daughter of one of metal’s biggest and baddest names, Osbourne comes with heaps of that “punk rock” attitude that showrunners were hoping to find. It turns out that even after she got the job, she was a bit intimidated.

“I remember, my first day, I was terrified to go into the booth. But, after the first five minutes, I realized it was the most fun job I’ve ever had,” Osbourne shared, letting her excitement bubble out. “How cool is that, that I get to play a Disney villain? It is, like, one of my biggest dreams come true, you have no idea. It is so cool.”

Kelly Osbourne

We asked Osbourne what we could expect from her and her character on The 7D, and she gave us a little teaser.

“The best thing is, not only do I get to sing on it, but I get to do the voices of some of the different characters throughout the season on the show,” she said. Adding, “I put on a voice for it. It’s different. My inspiration was Maleficent with the attitude of Verruca Salt and the pronunciation of my mum. Very posh!”

Could anything be better than hearing Kelly give a slight imitation of her mom? And, yes, you read that right: She’s singing again. To find out whether we should expect new music from Osbourne and hear her advice to girls, check out our interview above.

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