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Nicki Minaj speaks out on her Iggy Azalea dis

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to clarify her Iggy Azalea dis during her BET Awards speech, stressing that the media misinterpreted her words.

Nicki Minaj raised eyebrows at the BET Awards this past Sunday, June 29, when the femcee accepted her Best Female Hip Hop Artist win and threw a whole lot of shade at Iggy Azalea for apparently not writing her own rhymes. Just a few days later, Minaj seems to not like the way her words were interpreted during her speech and has spoken out on Twitter.

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Minaj went on to emphasize the importance of female rappers writing their own rhymes by citing Lauryn Hill as the ultimate example. “I fell in love with Lauryn Hill b/c I knew she was the author behind those amazingly profound and articulated songs on the MisEducation,” she wrote. “I wondered how Lauryn tapped into my brain and wrote an album on love, betrayal, passion, pain, triumph, brokenness…. Did she read minds?” Minaj also applauded Missy Elliott, writing, “I know she’s a writer and a producer. Women MUST aspire for more.”

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As for her specific mention of Azalea, the Young Money titan said she’s already congratulated her on the success of “Fancy” publicly. “She should be very proud of that,” Nicki added.

So what now? Minaj’s interest in promoting female rap should be applauded but not at the cost of bringing another femcee down. I mean, there are only so many female rappers in the male-dominated genre. And we can probably bet Minaj wasn’t too happy when her back-in-the-day rap idol Lil’ Kim didn’t embrace her during her debut.

What do you think of Minaj’s tweets? Should she have just kept quiet from the beginning?

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