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18 things about Jenny Slate you probably never knew

Confession: We have a huge girl crush on Jenny Slate, and you’re probably about to join the club once you get to know her a little better. Maybe you recognize her from her time spent kicking ass and making us laugh on SNL, or perhaps you heard her adorably raspy voice in Zootopia this year. And none of us can forget her time spent playing someone who was literally the worst on the much-beloved Parks and Rec.

OK, so we can all agree that Jenny Slate is the bomb-dot-com, but we dug deeper to find out what really makes this funny gal tick. Inquiring superfans want to know:

1. Who the heck is she dating?

We’re so glad you asked. A hilarious leading lady needs a smokin’ leading man, which might be why Slate has been linked to Chris Evans, aka Captain America, following her recent split from her husband. The love connection most likely went down on the set of their recently filmed movie Gifted.

2. What is the best part about working in the entertainment industry?

“Meeting nice people who put makeup on your face.”

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3. What is the creepiest part about working in the entertainment industry?

“All of the people who, like, pull up your underpants and make sure your boobs are taped in the right spots.”

4. What makes you cry?

“When old people are in love.”

5. Do you think the Illuminati exist?

“Um, yeah… I kinda do.”

6. If you could live in another period, which would it be and why?

“Ooh, um, I would live in the 1930s, because I really like how the women dressed, and I like the music, and I like the party culture. But in the United States, not in Europe, because that was bad for Jews.”

Next up: When was she on SNL?

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