16 times your teen heartthrobs graced the 'AARP' mag cover & made you feel old AF

by Danielle Agoglia
Oct 18, 2016 at 6:43 p.m. ET
Luke Perry AARP mag
Image: AARP

If Luke Perry's feature on AARP made you take a long look in the mirror, you'll be horrified to know it's not the first time AARP has featured a former teenage dreamboat.

1 /15: Paul McCartney (2006)

1/15 :Paul McCartney (2006)

Sir Paul McCartney definitely looks like he's lived a long and adventrous life, and as a bonus his musical talent is just as good as it ever was. 

2 /15: Kevin Costner (2014)

2/15 :Kevin Costner (2014)

Costner deserves a two-syllable da-yum.

3 /15: Dustin Hoffman (2009)

3/15 :Dustin Hoffman (2009)

Hoffman definitely hasn't lost that contagious smile. 

4 /15: Bruce Springsteen (2009)

4/15 :Bruce Springsteen (2009)

Any picture of Bruce Springsteen playing a guitar makes us glad we were "Born in the U.S.A."

5 /15: Dennis Quaid (2010)

5/15 :Dennis Quaid (2010)

Maybe just take the entire shirt off? Kthx, Quaid.

6 /15: Harrison Ford (2011)

6/15 :Harrison Ford (2011)

Harrison Ford may have gone gray, but he still looks pretty good, right?

7 /15: Antonio Banderas (2011)

7/15 :Antonio Banderas (2011)

How is it possible this Spanish hunk looks younger on the cover, over 10 years after the picture on the left? 

8 /15: Denzel Washington (2012)

8/15 :Denzel Washington (2012)

Denzel Washington will forever be a hottie, no matter his age.

9 /15: Michael J. Fox (2013)

9/15 :Michael J. Fox (2013)

We loved him in Back to the Future and we still love him now.

10 /15: Johnny Depp (2013)

10/15 :Johnny Depp (2013)

Johnny Depp is giving us major cheekbone envy.

11 /15: Brad Pitt (2013)

11/15 :Brad Pitt (2013)

Still rockin' the blond locks, we don't think anyone can replace Pitt as one of our longest-standing celebrity crushes.

12 /15: Blair Underwood (2014)

12/15 :Blair Underwood (2014)

If Underwood was a real lawyer like the character he played on L.A. Law, we would definitely hire him as as our private legal council on the spot.

13 /15: Dr. Dre (2015)

13/15 :Dr. Dre (2015)

Starting his career as a rapper in the mid-80s, Dre moved on to own several record companies and has overseen some of the world's most famous rappers including 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent. 

14 /15: Tom Selleck (2015)

14/15 :Tom Selleck (2015)

The 'stache that stood the test of time.

15 /15: Luke Perry (2016)

15/15 :Luke Perry (2016)

Smoldering gaze or drooping eyelids?