14 hot guy celebs posing with cats is probably all you've ever wanted in life

by SheKnows
Apr 20, 2016 at 3:34 p.m. ET

There's nothing better than seeing a man hold a gentle, dainty cat. It's even more amazing when it's our favorite male celebrities holding furry felines in the most adorable way. Everyone loves cats, and everyone loves hot male celebrities, so why not have both?

Look at these adorable photos of hot male celebs holding cute kitties.

1 /13: Andy Samberg

1/13 :Andy Samberg

Seems like his new Lonely Island is an island of cats.

2 /13: Ian Somerhalder

2/13 :Ian Somerhalder

I'm convinced this is Somerhalder's spirit animal — they look exactly the same.

3 /13: CeeLo Green

3/13 :CeeLo Green

All CeeLo needs is a mini-me and this picture is complete.

4 /13: Chris Colfer

4/13 :Chris Colfer

Those eyes are so amazing, and I'm not talking about the cat.

5 /13: Ed Sheeran

5/13 :Ed Sheeran

"Hello humans, me and my father are going to take over the world."

6 /13: James Franco

6/13 :James Franco

I wonder if that cat realizes that it's being held by James Franco. #takenothingforgranted

7 /13: Jon Stewart

7/13 :Jon Stewart

Maybe one day someone will look at me the way Jon Stewart looks at his cat.

8 /13: Robert Downey Jr.

8/13 :Robert Downey Jr.

"Please, no more pictures."

9 /13: Russell Brand

9/13 :Russell Brand

This is picture perfect.

10 /13: Liam Hemsworth

10/13 :Liam Hemsworth

Let's face it: Liam Hemsworth will look totally gorgeous and adorable with any animal.

11 /13: Tyler Hoechlin

11/13 :Tyler Hoechlin

It seems like Grumpy Cat and Hoechlin have something in common, if you catch my drift — look at his face.

12 /13: Zachary Quinto

12/13 :Zachary Quinto

These two make an adorable pair.

13 /13: Jared Leto

13/13 :Jared Leto

Who is cuter, Jared Leto or this adorable little feline?