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The Best Competition Shows Starring Kids

Let’s be real: Some of the very best game shows these days are kid-centered, and we love them. While these game shows prominently feature kids and may be mostly aimed at kids, that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them too. Take for instance the upcoming new season of Child Support, hosted by Fred Savage and featuring Ricky Gervais, wherein contestants square off against kids to answer trivia questions and win the big bucks.

You want more examples? We have them. Whether it’s Chopped Junior, Project Runway Junior or even the classic Double Dare, there’s a lot to love about the following kid-focused competition and game shows. Even better, these shows highlight what we love about shows that feature kids: No one gets super-angry. No one is super-serious and overly competitive. There’s no meanness or drama. It’s all sincere, happy, hardworking, funny and cute — great kids, just trying to have fun and do well. 

With all the adult drama in the world, tuning into a kids game show or kids reality show can be way more relaxing than other viewing choices, and — bonus! — you can watch and enjoy them with your whole family. We’ve rounded up our favorite 10 kids game shows that you should put on your viewing list. 

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