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Celebrity Moms Share Their C-Section Stories

For many parents, our children’s birthdays rank high among the happiest days of our lives. It’s no different for celebrity moms, who, despite their fabulous careers and achievements, sometimes consider the day their kids came into the world as the most special of all.

The rate of cesarean sections in the United States is around 33 percent — and that includes celebrities, who have C-sections for every single reason that other parents do, from unplanned complications to reasons of convenience. Their birth stories are no less special than anyone else’s, even if they may be a little more harrowing, a little less spontaneous or a little bit different than others.

Here, we take a look at a range of celebrity moms who have had C-sections and hear what they have to say about their birth story. Each one is different and special — not to mention worth the read and worth celebrating.

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