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Young Adult Shows You’ll Actually Want to Watch With Your Teens

Finding common ground with your teen can feel like mission impossible — we get it. When they aren’t tethered to their phones, they’re too busy ignoring you or accusing you of ruining their lives to carve out any quality time. At least that’s how it feels some days, right?

But we all know how important it is to squeeze that time in with teens so they know you care. And while meeting them in the middle can be tricky, maybe you haven’t been utilizing a secret weapon: TV. As long as you set limits where watching is concerned, tuning in occasionally isn’t going to ruin your teen. Bonus? You can actually use TV as a bonding tool.

You’re in luck too. The slang might make you scratch your head, but today’s young adult TV shows are often just as enjoyable for Mom and Dad as they are for your teen. Need some ideas to get you started? Ask your teen to try one of these shows with you — it can be your thing.

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