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Movies That Focus on Fertility Struggles

There are few things that can make you feel more alone than enduring infertility, and that isolation can be magnified by the way pregnancy is typically addressed on-screen. Really, how many movies have you watched in which a hapless couple gets knocked up accidentally and effortlessly? Or in which parents-to-be find out they are expecting multiples despite pregnancy not even being on their radar? While these scenarios are seemingly routine, the heartbreak of struggling to conceive is far more rare in film.

Although many people still struggle to speak openly about fertility issues (and that is reflected on-screen), it’s a very real issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 12 percent of couples have trouble getting or staying pregnant — and the effect of that frustration can devastate a relationship.

If you’re part of that 12 percent, first of all, we see you and we empathize with just how tough this process is. Second, we’ve compiled a list of movies that focus on some facet of infertility. So, if you’d like to watch a movie that serves as an emotional touchstone, the following films are a good place to start.

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