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Reality Dating Shows to Stream During the Bachelor Hiatus

Now that you’ve loved, laughed with, cursed at and cried through another highly entertaining season of Bachelor in Paradise, you may have thought all your emotions were spent. But did you know you’ll have to wait three long months before the franchise returns in January 2019?

What are you going to watch? How will you get your fix of singles looking for love, drinking too much and making bad decisions? You need your reality TV dating shows, right?

OK, don’t panic. Luckily, after a lot of digging, we found some shows to tide you over until The Bachelor returns with open arms and bearing a rose.

Some of the shows we’ve listed involve celebrities, some are exclusive to millionaires and some feature people of questionable morals and intentions, but they all have one thing in common: a quest to find love. Here are the best reality dating shows on streaming platforms to tide you over until 2019.

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