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What’s Leaving Netflix in September

Some movies stay with you forever, but sadly, they don’t stay with Netflix quite as long. We’re set to lose some truly great titles on Netflix in the month of September, including nostalgic hits like the very first Ghostbusters from 1984 and the powerful Robin Williams-led drama Dead Poets Society, as well as more modern, charming fare like the romcom 13 Going on 30 and the kitschy Wes Anderson flick Moonrise Kingdom, about star-crossed preteens running away together.

Not only are we losing a great lineup of movies, but it looks like Netflix is set to take away some of our favorite TV shows and documentaries, too. What gives, Netflix? How are we supposed to make it through the fall without classics like Everybody Loves Raymond or Rules of Engagement, starring David Spade?

Basically, clear your schedule and get to the sofa ASAP, because you need to start streaming these great titles before they leave in September.

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