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20 Shows That Only Got 1 Season & Need a Reboot

Listen, you won’t hear us complaining about Hollywood’s obsession with reboots. We’re all for deserving series seeing their second coming. But we do have one bone to pick with TV execs: Why not choose from some of the fantastic series that got canned too soon? 

There’s no denying that revisiting beloved characters from longstanding series like Roseanne feels like coming home. However, there’s also a lot to be said for finishing out stories that were ended before they could live up to their true potential. Classic series like Dynasty and ALF gave us at least some closure the first go-round. So, while we’re more than happy to relive our love for them through revivals, room in the reboots roster should also be made for the series with loose strings. 

To that end, we present the following list of TV shows that only got one season but deserved more. Are you listening, TV land? If you’re looking for your next reboot, here are 20 top-notch places to start. 

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