Chris Hemsworth

by SheKnows
Apr 25, 2011 at 2:18 p.m. ET
Chris snagged the Male Star of Tomorrow Award. Who can argue?

1 /10: Chris Hemsworth

1/10 :Chris Hemsworth

The hottie makes a brief appearance at the re launch of Star Trek.

2 /10: Double the man candy

2/10 :Double the man candy

Hemsworth poses with his younger brother, Liam.

3 /10: Chris Hemsworth cleans up nice

3/10 :Chris Hemsworth cleans up nice

Despite his role as Thor, Hemsworth proves he can pull of the clean cut look at the MontBlanc Bash.

4 /10: Chris Hemsworth

4/10 :Chris Hemsworth

Just look into those eyes. Who can resist?

5 /10: Chris Hemsworth as Thor

5/10 :Chris Hemsworth as Thor

A sneak peak shot at what you're in for in Chris' new film, Thor.

6 /10: A still shot of Hemsworth

6/10 :A still shot of Hemsworth

Chris shows a little skin as the lead role in Thor

7 /10: Chris as Thor

7/10 :Chris as Thor

Judging by that gaze, it looks like Thor is up to something...

8 /10: A manly man

8/10 :A manly man

Chris looking a little burly and totally irristable

9 /10: All suited up

9/10 :All suited up

Hemsworth in full costume for the new movie Thor

10 /10: Chris looking sharp at the Golden Globes

10/10 :Chris looking sharp at the Golden Globes

This male star-to-watch could be snagging the awards himself next year.