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Sweaty Stars: 13 Workouts These Celebrities Use to Stay Fit

Finding time for a good workout is tough. Between a hectic work schedule and looking for time to maybe do something luxurious like, oh, you know, eat dinner or maybe catch up on Netflix, making room in your day for a quick workout can be tricky. The worst part? There are just way too many forms of exercise to choose from. Seriously, what’s a busy person like yourself supposed to do when the time is short and the options are plentiful?

This sounds like a great opportunity to consult the preferred workout routines of some of your favorite celebrities to see how they keep fit, don’t you think? From Kate Hudson to Dwayne Johnson to Jennifer Lopez — all stars with enviable physiques who document their fitness regimens regularly on social media just to show off their progress from their preferred workout — the following celebrities have opened up about which workouts they love to use to stay in shape. 

That means that you, the busy one, can finally take the worry out of choosing a workout; these celebs have chosen for you. 

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