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All of Mindy Kaling’s Cutest Mom Moments (so Far)

Mindy Kaling holds a lot of titles right now. Actor. Writer. Producer. Director. Friend. Daughter. She’s loved for all of them and celebrated by her friends, family and fans for all the things she does while she wears each of these unique hats. But perhaps the most exciting hat Kaling wears these days is the hat that reads, “Mom,” because, as of December 15, 2017, Kaling has been a single mother to her first child, daughter Katherine Kaling.

While Kaling’s pregnancy was shrouded in a certain level of mystery (for example, she never revealed who Katherine’s father was and to this day has yet to do so), her life as a new mom has been lived very publicly and candidly. Kaling has opened up about the perks of motherhood as well as the roller coaster that is adjusting to life with a little one.

And while she’s had a ton of great mom moments so far, the following moments are the ones we really love the most. Check it out.

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