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Celebrities Who’ve Had Scary Accidents

Let’s face it; most celebrities are risk-takers. They wouldn’t be famous if they approached the world in a cautious way. For actors, shooting films can sometimes be downright dangerous, especially if it’s an action movie. Stars like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio have seriously injured themselves numerous times. George Clooney famously got into a scooter accident, not while shooting a film but speeding down an Italian road. Comedian Tracy Morgan was in a coma for two weeks after a terrible car crash, also not while filming. For Nicole Kidman, it was vanity that got her into trouble when she broke a rib trying to corset her waist down to 18 inches. For many actors including, Amy Schumer, surfing is as popular as it is dangerous.

Luckily, these celebs have all recovered, but breaking bones, getting head trauma or other serious injuries is never fun (and might be life-threatening). Here are 15 of our favorite celebrities who’ve had some pretty scary close calls.

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