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Couples We Still Wish Had Made It

We’re not sure why we feel so deeply invested, but sometimes, celebrity breakups put us in a really bad mood for days… or, in the case of these famous duos, even years. Sure, there are celebrity couples whose breakups and divorces we could see coming from the start. The splits on this list were legitimately shocking and upsetting, either because they were Hollywood’s sweethearts, they had kids involved or they really seemed like the real deal.

But whether the breakup is fresh or already decades old, here’s what all these twosomes have in common: They were together basically forever — well, in Hollywood terms, at least — and we are still mourning the end of their relationships.

Click through to see the 11 longtime celebrity couples we still wish had made it, from Reese and Ryan to Jen and Ben and Bruce and Demi.

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