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Famous Stepmoms Who Have a Close Bond With Their Stepkids


Come Mother’s Day, moms everywhere are celebrated. Heart-tugging commercials remind you to call yours. Greeting cards espouse the love only a mother can give. That’s how it should be, of course. But this holiday isn’t just for moms — it’s for stepmoms, too. And sometimes that message can get lost in the mix. If you have one of these “bonus” moms in your life, you undoubtedly want her to feel recognized. Fortunately, a few celebrity stepmoms are helping change the narrative and shine a light on just how important these women are in the lives of the kids they’re co-parenting.

In movies, stepmoms are rarely painted in a flattering light. Cinderella’s wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, forces Cinderella to wait on the family hand and foot. In Parent Trap, Meredith Blake (or Vicky Robinson, if you’re rolling old school) tries to make her fiance choose between her and his twin daughters. Basically, stepmoms are all too often depicted as the villain. In real life, though, stepmoms can be the missing piece in a family puzzle.

Have you heard the way Kelly Clarkson talks about husband Brandon Blackstock’s two children from his previous marriage? She always includes Seth and Savannah when she discusses “her” kids. Or how about the admittedly “amazing dynamic” Hilaria Baldwin shares with her husband Alec Baldwin’s adult daughter Ireland Baldwin? Ireland was only 15 when she and Hilaria met, so her stepmom saw her through the teen years and all they entailed.

Alicia Keys, Tori Spelling, Miranda Lambert… the list of incredible celebrities flipping the script on the stepmom stigma goes on and on.

Join us in giving them — and all the deserving stepmoms out there — a very special shout-out.

A version of this story was originally published May 2020.

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