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TV Moms Who Are Total Badasses

To be clear, being a mom in and of itself kind of makes you a badass because it takes real grit to raise tiny humans. By nature, most mothers are fiercely protective yet nurturing. There’s a reason people call us mama bears, right? You never want to be on the receiving end of a mother’s wrath when she feels as though her children have been slighted, threatened or hurt in any way. And because TV amplifies everything, our favorite TV moms are often the fiercest ones — the ones who would quite literally kill for their kids.

Some actually have, in fact. Some wield weapons like swords and dragons and guns, which they wouldn’t think twice about using to guard their offspring. Others are armed with a tone so sharp it may as well be a dagger. After all, some days we’re the Cersei and other days we’re the Lorelai.

Whether these TV moms are ruling kingdoms or simply keeping the peace in a household full of kids and chaos, we love having such empowering examples of motherhood on-screen. Here are some of our favorite examples.

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