These Celebs Were Bullied Before Becoming Famous

It can be difficult to believe, but some of our favorite celebrities weren’t always as worshipped and beloved as they are today. Instead of screaming hoards of fans and paparazzi, some of the most famous people on the planet faced constant teasing and bullying when they stepped out the door — often because they were considered weird, strange or different. 

Below, we’ve collected a list of celebrities — including superstars like Justin Timberlake, Winona Ryder and Sandra Bullock — who weren’t always loved for their personalities and talents; in fact, they were ridiculed. The crazy part? Each one of them was able to stay resilient, hang on to who they really were, ignore the haters and rise to success and fame no matter what was in their way. They are role models both for kids who are still in school and anyone who is trying to be themselves despite pressure to conform.