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15 Celebrities We’d Like to Be BFFs With

Some celebrities seem like they’re larger than life: too cool for school, too talented to understand the masses, too beautiful to possibly ever take a selfie with you. We hold these stars aloft, put them on pedestals and give them an almost deity status. We love them, but they are untouchable. 

Then, there’s the other kind of celebrity: the kind that seems totally down-to-earth and human, the ones that don’t mind being goofy or sharing their feelings, the ones who post Instagram pictures without makeup on. These are the stars we dream about in a different way. We imagine ourselves grabbing brunch with them on the weekend, watching movies and pulling pranks on mutual friends. These are the celebrities who we know would be just as cool hanging out with some snacks and a ton of Netflix movies on a weeknight or going out and getting into all kinds of hijinks on the weekends. These are the kinds of celebs we’d like to be BFFs with. 

So, who exactly is BFF material? Well, let’s take a look at our 15 top picks for celeb best friends. 

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