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Favorite Summer Spots of the British Royal Family

It will come as no surprise that if you’re a royal, you quite literally have the world at your feet when you’re ready to cut loose and take a summer vacation. The options are unlimited, with exotic locations and luxurious accommodation options available to those who count themselves among one of the most famous extended families in the world.  

Every member of the British royal family has been spotted on an exotic vacation over the years — including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who have been vacationing to exciting locations many of us only dream of for most of their young lives. There have been unexpected vacations (Disney World? Say what?) and traditional vacations (we’re looking at you, Balmoral Castle) and tons of exciting vacations in between. And, perhaps most surprising of all, there are some locations the British royals keep returning to again and again, like the beautiful African nation of Botswana.

So, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating summer spots the British royals have chosen over the years, shall we?

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