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Celebrity Phobias, From Unusual to Totally Relatable

If you’re afraid of heights or spiders or clowns, you’re familiar with how hard it is to have a phobia. These extreme, sometimes irrational fears make us avoid all kinds of things, from horror movies (did anyone else avoid It because clowns are too terrifying?) to meals with loved ones (yes, we’re serious, because some people are actually upset by the sound of chewing). Some of our favorite celebrities have phobias we’ve never even dreamed of — which both does and doesn’t make us feel better about the weird things we fear.

So, just what makes some of our favorite celebrities feel that creeping sense of anxiety and panic? In yet another example of the fact that celebrities are just like us, we’ve rounded up 15 celebrities with phobias that range from bizarre (like, antique-furniture bizarre) to totally relatable (flying is scary) with a few that fall somewhere in between (reptiles aren’t all bad!).

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