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Every Time a Celebrity Was Fired (But Didn’t Let That Stop Them)

It’s not often that you hear about a celebrity — especially a prominent one like Robert Downey Jr., Megan Fox, Natalie Portman and even Richard Gere — getting fired from a film or television project. But when the news does break that an actor you know and love has gotten an unceremonious kick to the curb, there’s a fascination with unpacking what happened and how it will affect their life and career going forward.

For these 21 celebs, their stories of getting fired from major jobs will no doubt go down in infamy. Whether they were fired over creative differences, salary discrepancies, troubling legal issues or simply the mutual recognition between actor and employer that it was time to part ways, many of these celebs’ careers — but not all — have survived being fired. Sure, some celebs (we’re looking at you, Roseanne Barr) have struggled to get back on solid ground. But for the most part, the following celebs have not only weathered the storm of being fired, they have also moved on and done well on other projects.

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