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Most Gorgeous Celeb Wedding Looks of All Time

Celebrity weddings are one of the truly great highlights to living in the spotlight. From the flowers to the guest list to the location, the bridal party to the reception to the honeymoon, we love to pore over every detail of a wedding between two beloved celebrities. How can you resist? The level of extravagance and glamor cannot be ignored.

But our favorite part of celebrity weddings is the dresses. It seems that, much like snowflakes, no two celebrity wedding dresses are the same, nor are they styled the same. Some celebrity brides go super-dramatic, like Princess Diana did in 1981, while others go chic and romantic, like Kim Kardashian West did at her Italian wedding in 2014, and others choose to break with tradition and go for something unexpected, like Jada Pinkett Smith did with her velvety wedding dress in 1997.

There have been plenty of iconic celebrity wedding looks over the years, but the following looks are among our all-time favorites. Keep clicking to see who made the list.

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