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Looking Back at Prince George’s All-Time Cutest Photos

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s eldest son turns 7 Wednesday and the family has already shown us a glimpse into how they are celebrating the young prince by sharing a series of adorable photos just ahead of his big day. And even Queen Elizabeth (a.k.a. Gan Gan) took to social media to wish her great-grandson a happy birthday — the two have a very special relationship. “She [Queen Elizabeth] always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay and that just shows her love for her family,” mum Kate Middleton said back in 2016 of their close bond.

And while the young prince may only just be 7-years-old he already has quite a vibrant personality and never ceases to leave a lasting impression. Whether he’s starring in the nativity play at his school (He was a sheep) or dancing at the annual Royal Variety Performance at London’s Palladium Theatre, he has a passion for performing.

He also has a competitive spirit. During a gardening event, Kate shared that George had turned their family’s pastime of growing sunflowers into a competition with younger siblings Princess Charlotte,5, brother Prince Louis,2. “The children are really enjoying growing their sunflowers,” Kate said before noting, “Louis’s is winning, so George is a little grumpy about that!” Nothing wrong with a little sibling fun, right?

So while little royal may be third in line to the thrown, he is a lot like every other boy his age — and these adorable pictures prove it!

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