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Celebrity Parents Who Are Raising Their Kids in a Gender-Fluid Environment

As we move toward gender equality and become more aware of gender fluidity, more and more parents are allowing their kids to explore the idea of gender freely, letting their boys wear skirts or letting their girls cut their hair short. A number of celebrities are also taking the lead on ditching restrictive ideas of femininity and masculinity, and instead promoting the idea that we’re all human, we all have a mix of tastes and traits and we weren’t necessarily born in a physical body that represents who we are on the inside.

There’s a huge range of what gender-neutral parenting looks like: Some parents just let their kids explore what they do and how they look, and others take it further by dressing their kids in gender-neutral clothes and giving them gender-neutral names. Let’s take a look at some of the celeb parents who are tossing strict ideas of gender out the window as they raise their kids.

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