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All the Walking Dead Spoilers We’ve Got for Season 9 So Far

For longtime fans of The Walking Dead, the upcoming ninth season may be the most highly anticipated in the show’s history. Not only did we lose at least one pivotal character in season eight, but rumor has it we’ll be losing at least two more core survivors in the season to come. Rick Grimes and the gang will be moving on from the war-driven years of Negan’s reign into… well, that remains to be seen. Basically, we’re entering a new era of TWD

Of course, we now have to wait until season nine premieres to find out just what fate has in store for our zombpocalyptic heroes — and that means impatiently counting down the days to October (boooooooo, too long!). To keep you occupied in the meantime, we did a deep dive to discover all of the intel currently floating around about the upcoming season. Suffice it to say, there are spoilers ahead. 

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