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9 Celebs Who Are on the Keto Diet

Celebrity lifestyle trends come and go in rapid succession, but one seems to be gaining more and more traction: the keto diet. This low-carb, high-fat diet has everyone talking — and has earned some high-profile Hollywood converts along the way. 

But what is it? And is it safe? Although health experts urge caution when considering any regimen that cuts out entire food groups (like carbs), the general consensus seems to be that a ketogenic diet — when well-balanced and not taken to extremes — boasts many health benefits. According to Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Marcelo Campos, evidence suggests such a diet can help reduce seizures in children and improve blood sugar control. 

Campos also says keto may currently be the buzzword in Hollywood, but it’s actually been documented by doctors for almost 100 years. While you should consult with your doctor if you’re considering jumping on the keto bandwagon, you wouldn’t be alone in doing so. Take a look at the following celebs who swear by this lifestyle change. 

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