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14 Things You Didn’t Know About There’s Something About Mary

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz dazzled us with this R-rated romantic comedy that was both raunchy and heartfelt — a difficult line to toe. The infamous “hair gel” scene is to this day one of the funniest things ever put on film, though surprisingly, Diaz, Stiller and the studio were hesitant about shooting it. The image of Diaz with her hair sticking up has become iconic.

But if you were hoping for a sequel like Dumb and Dumber To, also from directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly, don’t hold your breath. Diaz has retired from acting, so even if the Farrelly brothers wanted to make one (they don’t), they’d have to find a new actor for one of the lead roles.

So, let’s wax nostalgic about the movie that set the precedent for all the R-rated comedies that would come after Mary. This hilarious film was truly a game-changer.

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