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Celebrities Who Are Having the Best Time at Wimbledon 2018

Summertime can mean a lot of things to different folks, but for a great many of us, when we hear the word “summer,” we immediately think “Wimbledon.” The exclusive tennis tournament brings together the finest athletes at the top of the tennis pack in both the men’s and women’s divisions. But Wimbledon also has the magical allure of bringing together quite a wide range of celebrities during the two weeks of the tournament. 

We’re especially interested to see which celebrities will make some time to attend a day or two of matches at the Wimbledon courts in London this summer. Things looked promising early on, when we spotted a couple of Game of Thrones alumni and two of our favorite Downton Abbey stars. It’s an auspicious start, to be sure, but who else had plans to turn up and have the best day of their 2018 summer?

You’ll just have to keep clicking to find out. 

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