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What Celebrities Are Reading This Summer

There’s plenty to do during the summer, but one of our favorite lazy summer pastimes is diving into a really good book. These days, there are plenty of novels to choose from spanning a multitude of categories, time periods, worlds known and unknown and genres. How is anyone supposed to choose the right story when downtime during the summer is so precious? 

Well, that’s where some of our favorite celebrities come in to save the day. They’ve actually given us all the reading recommendations we need to make sure our summer reading lists are fattened up with great picks. The following celebs have chosen thrillers, memoirs, sci-fi page-turners and shocking true stories that are going to keep your eyes glued right to the page. The sun may be shining and the beach may be calling, but trust us: All you’ll want to do is read if you end up choosing one of these recommendations.

Which books have celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Constance Wu and Melissa McCarthy super-excited? Keep clicking and find out. 

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