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30 Celeb Moms to Follow on Instagram

There are many reasons to follow your favorite celebrities on Instagram. Their travel pics will feed your wanderlust. Their red carpet style will give you glam-spiration. And their social photos will make you feel as though you have your finger on the pulse of pop culture. But if you’re a member of The Motherhood (or plan to be one day), the best reason to follow some of Hollywood’s biggest stars is to see how they mom.

‘Cause here’s the truth: raising tiny humans is hard. It helps to know you’re not alone and that, really, you’re part of a great, big club. That club includes people from all walks of life who, no matter how famous they are, experience the same maternal milestones you do. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba gush over their kids just as much as you do yours!

So, if you’re looking to round out your feed with more mamas in the trenches — albeit slightly more glamorous ones — follow these celebrity moms on Instagram.

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